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ACH Cash Management

ACH Cash Management provides commercial clients complete centralized ACH origination capabilities. This capability includes single entry debit and credit origination, scheduled recurring debit transactions, direct deposit of payroll, direct debit programs, corporate to corporate transactions and a full line of reports intended to help the cash management professional manage their company’s cash flow.

ACH Cash Management includes sophisticated security applications that offer flexibility to the client for setting and managing user security preferences. Once logged on, users can perform only those functions that their security level enables. For example, one user may be limited to initiating debit transactions to process payments while another user may have authorization to initiate credit transactions to process payroll.

This service allows commercial customers to centrally process debits, credits, recurring payments and direct deposit of payroll as well as view, print, and download transaction reports.


Why use our ACH Cash Management?

  • Initiate and manage ACH transactions
  • Transfer funds from internal or external accounts
    • Commissions and Corporate-to-Corporate payments
    • Company benefits
    • Pensions and annuity distributions
  • Manage payroll and collections
    • Offer clients employees the option to directly deposit their pay to any U.S. bank.
    • Save the time and expense of preparing all those payroll checks
    • Employee no longer needs to stand in line at the bank to deposit their check


What’s the bottom line on our ACH Cash Management?

ACH Cash Management makes it possible for commercial clients to access a secure, reliable, high volume, online ACH cash management services. ACH Cash Management automates your commercial customer’s connection with your financial institution, while opening new opportunities for you to blend personal service with Internet technology. More importantly, it creates an additional delivery channel to drive incremental products, services and customer retention for your commercial clients.

ACH Cash Management is a cost-effective way to pay suppliers and employees. It is a low-cost alternative to check writing that helps commercial client manage account balances. By facilitating payments through the Automated Clearing House, ACH Cash Management helps client slash expenses for printing, distributing and reconciling paper checks, and determines the date of settlement of account.


ACH Cash Management delivers:

  • Automated settlement and reporting
  • Improved cash forecasting
  • Secure file transfer

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